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Enrollment Process


HCBA Enrollment process


Process 1
The first step in the HCBA enrolment process is to complete and submit the HCBA patients application. Your facility case worker or Social worker can submit the application on your behalf, and Oxford Healthcare will track its progress.
Process 2
The second step in the process is where we schedule a patient assessment, a patient assessment is done by a registered nurse, and it will be coordinated and scheduled with the case worker and affiliate agencies by Oxford healthcare. The RN will also at the time request patient healthcare records from the medical records department, it is best practice for the social worker / Case manager to have all the records prepared prior to the RN Visit.
Process 3
Once the RN assessment has been completed, the RN will writeup a full report on the patients condition and will then submit it to the state for review and approval. It can take up to 30 days to get an approval, and along with the approval they will let us know the number of nursing or aid hours the patient qualifies for.
Process 4
A designated Oxford case manager will be in contact with the facility case managers as well as with the patient and patients family to keep everyone apprised on the status of the application.
In the interim while waiting for the application to be approved, Oxford will work on securing the needed resources to support the patients needs such as DME and the like. Once the application is approved, Oxford will inform all parties involved and work towards finalizing a discharge date. Our friendly staff will remain engaged throughout to ensure that all patients receive the best of care in the comfort of your home.


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